Exclusive Interview with The Supreme General

Most people don’t put Buffalo as a hot spot for hip hop music, but if The Supreme General has anything to say about it, it soon will be.

SP is the self proclaimed savior of hip hop, and he seems destined to take over at all levels. “Preme” as his friends call him, grew up in the streets and was a survivor, and you can hear it in his records.

His mix tape, “The Prelude 2 a Classic”, had hit after hit including, “Catch Me in the Hood” and “Alone and High” (a personal favorite).

A fan of classic hip hop, 90s hip hop, when that real, that rawness was still around. It translates into his music, almost making Supreme the last of a dying breed.


Peep the questions below as we got a chance for an exclusive interview with the MC!


1. What is going on with you right now?


At the moment I’m putting the finishing touches on my new 

mixtape “…the BEST of the CHAMPIONS!!!” 

as I work on my debut album “Clear & Present Hustla!!!”

. I’m about 90% done with the mixtape & 60% with the album.


2. You are preparing for a summer release, do you have a release date and



Yessir! The mixtape is slated to be released July 10th & 

my album later on this year. Both will be released 

by Hustle Game Enterprises which is my own independent label.


3. If you had one song to give to the people to hear, what would it be?


I have so many that it’s hard to narrow down to just one.

But if I had to pick just one it would be a song

called “Put one in the air”. It’s unreleased right now

but will be a single/video off my album. It’s the most

from the heart record I’ve made so far & that’s saying

a lot considering that’s where they all come from.


4. What are some essentials you need in the studio?


Honestly it usually just be me & the engineer in the 

studio when I record because all that extra shit can 

distract you. So all I usually bring with me is a 

flash drive full of beats, an iPhone full of rhymes, 

and blunt of Kush to listen to mix after. 


5. Do you have a favorite producer you work with now?


Yes it’s a tie between my man Red Jack 

( @RedJackProd ) & Axl ( @AxLBeatz ) 

they both make some ultra hard shit!!!


6. Do you have a dream producer you would like to work with?


Yessir! I got a list but at the top would be Timbaland, 

Mannie Fresh, Kanye West, Dj Premier, Dj Paul & Juicy J, 

and of course Dr. Dre!!!


7. What is your all time favorite sneaker?


As far as sneakers go its Air Jordan 13’s all day!!! 

As far as my favorite shoe overall 

it’s Clark’s Wallabees hands down!!!


8. Do you have any last shout outs or links?


Yeah I wanna shout out the whole Buff city, Box ave, 

everybody wit me at Hustle Game 

Enterprises, and Bigg Homie Ent!!! & 

you can always find more from me at my 

official site www.HustleGameInMyVeins.com 

I’m always premiering new shit for my fans there. 

Thanks fam!!!